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Cairns Australia

The Wonderful City of Cairns, Australia

You have made the right choice to vacation in the city of Cairns, Australia.

Welcome to a city that has a number of adventures and things to fill your days and nights.

This city will help you create memories that will last you a life time.

Cairns have a warm welcome that make the city the 4th most popular destination for international travellers in Australia after Sydney and well known as the Adventure Capital of Australia.

Cairns is a city full of history starting from 1876. It was founded to serve miners heading for the Hodgkinson River gold field.

Be sure to put some of the museums on your list of thing to do.

You can also book a boat excursion to see the Great Barrier Reef.


Cairns Weather

The climate here is of the tropical type were the warm breezes will take you to a place of relaxation. Tropical monsoon climate runs from November to May.

The relatively dry season is from June to October but there are showers during this time, with milder temperatures in the winter months. Maximum temperatures are 25.7 C (78.3F) in July and 31.4C (88.5F) in January.


Cairns Shopping

Some of the finest shopping can be done in Cairns Central and at the Pier Shopping Centre where shopping centres have been refurbished to bring back the grandeur of the area.

There are centres to service the urban areas also, further from the city centre, Located in Mount Sheridan, Redlynch, Smithfield and Clifton Beach.


Cairns Dining

Food is no problem with restaurants from fine dining, with seafood and steaks to snack bars for a quick meal when you’re on the run seeing all the sights.

Oh and the sights are many, from all the beautiful beaches for you to relax on, breathing the fresh sea air and feeling the gentle breezes flowing in from the ocean.

The rain forest is a must see with the tropical plants and wildlife that lives in the forest.

The Great Barrier Reef is a must see with all its splendour of colourful coral and sea life.

This is just a few things to see and do in the great city of Cairns Australia.