Abundant Beauty of the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef scuba dive
Great Barrier Reef scuba dive

There is a place on this earth that has the most natural beauty that is indescribable. It’s also the largest reef in the world that shows off its beauty in all the colors of coral and wildlife.

The abundant beauty is shown in breathtaking splendor that mere worlds cannot describe. So in saying that, you need to book a trip to one of the 7 wonders of the world, The Great Barrier Reef. You need to see all of this beauty for yourself.

There are over 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays with the colors even an artist would have trouble painting to capture it’s beauty.

Then you add the sea life of over 1500 species with more than 200 types of birds. Let us not forget the 20 species of reptiles that include sea turtles and giant clams that are over 120 years old. And the plant life has its own unique beauty.

The Islands of The Great Barrier Reef will take you to an exotic experience you’ll not soon forget. There are over 100 islands to choose from so you can have the vacation you dreamed of from enchanting to unique, the choice is yours. You can go to intimate and private beaches on some of the islands.

You may want to just explore the gardens of orchards. Bird watching is an option with many species of birds and their populations of the different island.

There is also shipwrecks to explore and combing for WW2 artifacts. Water sports of all sorts are available, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving just to name a few. There are tours of the Great Barrier Reef of all sorts from the waters to the sky, boats of all shapes and sizes are available as well as aircraft and helicopter tours.

Educational tours and trips are great for family fun. Whale watching and swimming with the dolphins are among some of the favorite of tourists. These are all experiences you can have to make memories to last a life time.

Accommodations are readily available as well as some of the finest food you will find anywhere.  The beautiful islands are perfect for that romantic getaway or a honeymoon.  You have wonderful places for a family vacation or maybe you just need that escape trip you have been dreaming of.

Whatever your need may be they will be met in so many ways and choices you may have problems deciding what you want. There is something for all budgets and you’ll be able to book luxury lodges to the elegant resorts that will pamper you.

The cuisine that is available is abundant! You can find fast food from a corner diner to an elegant restaurant with fine dining.

There are family friendly places that even the kids will find something good to eat.

Now is the time to book that dream trip to the Great Barrier Reef and absorb the abundant beauty of all the natural sites on the Great Reef has to offer.